Business Valuations

Business Valuations


Do you know how much your business is worth?

At Schmidt Berg, we are aware of how important business valuation is to any transaction. To create a complete financial picture, we take into account all of the latest trends and activity in your business field. A company’s income, asset, and market profile are all considered to give you an accurate assessment of your business valuation. From mergers and acquisitions to business bankruptcy, our business valuation calculator will help you develop an intelligent and effective business strategy so that your business future remains in your control.

Whether it’s your family business, a partnership, or a corporation, we understand that good decisions can only be made when you have good information. Our business consulting services are exactly what you need to plan your next move.

Business Valuation Services Include:

More information about Mergers and Acquisitions is coming soon.
More information about Succession Planning is coming soon.
Interested in selling the family business? Our business valuation calculator is coming soon. In the meantime, call Schmidt, Berg and Company at (604) 588-8585 to speak with a CBV (Chartered Business Valuator) who can discuss our business valuation services with you.

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