Retirement & Estate Planning

Retirement & Estate Planning


Are you prepared for a peaceful retirement?

Schmidt Berg knows that you’ve worked hard for your retirement. Now let your contributions to your Canada pension plan and your Canada RRSP retirement savings work hard for you. Our retirement planners stay up to date with changes made in the CPP (Canada pension plan) and can help you understand those changes and start planning and saving for retirement. Through careful retirement planning and our retirement calculator, our chartered accountants let you know how much you need to be saving to have the future you’ve earned.

Saving for retirement is only the beginning. Estate planning is also an important part of your retirement plan. Let us guide you through the ins and outs of:

  • Probate Fees (sometimes called “Inheritance Tax”)
  • Your Canada Pension Plan
  • Estate Tax
  • Trust Account
  • Retirement Savings (Canada RRSP)

We’ll ease you into the future that you deserve!

Retirement & Estate Planning Services Include:

More information about Canada Pension Plan is coming soon.
Do you have a Canada RRSP? Our RRSP calculator is coming soon to help you determine the right RRSP contribution for your current situation. We’ll also be posting tips for the RRSP deadline, RRSP rates, figuring out your RRSP limit, and how to do a Canadian RRSP withdrawal.
It is important to have a retirement plan. More information about planning for retirement is coming soon.
Do you have a pension? Canada pension plan advice is one of our specialities at Schmidt, Berg and Company. If you’re looking for advice about a buyout for your Canada Pension Plan, your BC Pension Plan or even a Municipal Pension Plan, one of our Chartered Professional Accountants can help. We are here to make certain that your CPP pension is a stable and dependable pension you rely on for a financially secure retirement.
More information about Estate Planning and Estate Tax is coming soon.
More information about Probate Fees / Inheritance Tax Canada is coming soon.
More information about Trusts and setting up and administering a Trust Account is coming soon.
Learn more about your TFSA account from Schmidt, Berg and Company, Chartered Professional Accountants. Soon, we’ll be posting information about the TFSA limit, your TFSA contribution, TFSA rates, and TFSA rules.

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